Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shits and Giggles

the japanese (as a friend of mine states) are at least 3 years ahead of the world with just about everything. technologically speaking, if they didn’t invent it than they sure as hell made it work better. the street wear is so stimulating that even fashion icon gwen stephani needs to rub up against a harajuku girl or two for inspiration. film makers, kurosawa pretty much invented the modern day ganster film, while miike perfected rape/torture horror flicks… both japanese directors.

the thing I find most rewarding about the japanse culture is the underlying sense of humor and adventure.

japanese game shows, for one are paralleled to none. no where else on the planet could have thought up human tetris or this game here where instead of losing points while a condescending game show host reads the correct answer off a cue card, you get to wear human sphincter goggles.

i also find the anime intriguing. Of particular notice is how all the characters’ eyes are unnaturally robust, while the occasional asian dude looks like he’s sleep-walking with someone’s thumb lodged in his ass. i’m sensing a theme here…

the motherload of japanse treasures is engrish.com. although, not technically a japanese invention, i worship this site and all its contents simply for its sheer purity. it’s like watching a video of a fresh new puppy not enjoying walking on wet grass for the first time. or a kitten who’s head is trapped in a paper bag. or a pimply faced love toy that’s begging you to bend over so he can make you feel his love.

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