Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Told You, I Was Trouble...

i was having a conversation with a friend of mine spawned by this fun little quiz that asks some questions to gauge your political views. the brief interview results in pairing you with a candidate that closely matches your political stance.

no matter what more suitable candidate popped up for you, if you're a left leaner, at the end of the day your choice is gonna be either hillary or barak. now, i'm polarly opposed to neither one of these contenders, but in this day and age coupled with the ass-fucking we've been taking with the current administration a person needs to feel like they have a bit of a choice. with hillary's lack of emotion, and the scandalous obama/cheney relation (please note sarcasm... yawn), it seems that it would be fun to have more than just two toppings on my sundae.

however, no one wants a repeat of the ralph nader debacle. no one wants to be made to feel that their vote has been "thrown away" if they want to go with someone a little more revolutionary (i.e. dennis kucinich... wink wink).

My Proposal: if train wrecks like britney spears, lindsay lohan and paris hilton are cashing in on our attention, and of course are happy little distractions of what's going on at home AND abroad, than i think the party to the left needs to start playing a little bit of media hardball.

SOLUTION: hillary rodham clinton winehouse

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